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Rewrite Feedback Coaching

How it Works

You send me 10 pages, I review them and get back to you with very detailed notes within 36 hours. You will then have 2 days to review them, complete any homework or brainstorming suggestions you've been given, and then we meet via Skype to discuss:

  •  major points illustrated in those 10 pages

  •  questions you have

  •  ways to elevate character, plot, and sequencing to make your story shine.


We repeat this process until you reach FADE OUT and have a screenplay you have confidence in. While no coach can guarantee a sale, you'll be armed with the tools you need to have a more marketable script.

Price: $60/week


  • line by line, detailed notes & feedback, 10 pages per week

  • 45-60 minute coaching call per week

Space is limited for this service & is available by application only

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