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Available Screenplays by Tracee Beebe

101 Ways to Survive the End of the World



Genre: Coming of Age

The heartbreaking story of a young boy who loses everything and is sent to live with a Grandfather he has never met and who wants nothing to do with him. Befriended by a strange and mysterious girl, he copes with his loss by preparing for the end of the world.


*This screenplay scored among the top 20% of the Nicholl Fellowship

Branded WIld (available)

Genre: YA Drama


(formerly known as "Cowboy")

Bullied into committing a violent crime, a sensitive teen sent to a juvenile detention camp where taming wild horses is part of the rehabilitation program must rise to the challenge or serve out his sentence in Maximum security.

Inspired by actual events.




RIPTIDE (available)

Genre: Drama



​In a 60's Paradise, an innocent surfer-girl looking for love is seduced into the Hawaiian mafia and must find a way to save herself and newborn child.

Hold the Reins (available)

Genre: Faith-Based

A grieving teenage boy decides to train an abused horse with the help of a young "horse whisperer" girl but must first learn the lesson of forgiveness the horse has to teach him.


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