What is a script coach?

A script coach is a writing partner with the experience to help you tell the best story possible. 


Coaching, unlike coverage or consultation, is an ongoing, in depth and intimate process that will change your life as a writer, no matter where you are at in your career.

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned pro, together, we can take your script from so-so to a marketable screenplay you’ll be proud of. As we work together, your skill set will increase and you’ll hone your ability to elevate your future work any time for any writing you do.

Every pro uses a coach, whether an athlete, an actor, or a screenwriter. It’s just smart business. 




Includes line by line, detailed notes and feedback as well as a 45-60 minute coaching session every week.

Shorts and Feature Screenplays ~ $40 per week

1 hour TV specs ~ $50 per Act

1/2 hour TV Specs ~ $35 per Act



A one time readthrough with 1 page of notes that will include overall impressions, areas of weakness, and next-step suggestions.

Shorts and

Feature Screenplays ~ $100

1 hour TV specs ~ $50 

1/2 hour TV Specs ~ $35

Query Letter - $35 (inlcuded w/ weekly coaching)



A one time read through with detailed professional recommendation (Pass/Consider/Recommend) and grading on over 30 key points, synopsis, logline, and next-steps.

Feature Screenplays ~ $300




Weekly Coaching

You send me 10 pages, I review them and get back to you with very detailed notes within 36 hours. You will then have 2 days to review them, complete any homework or brainstorming suggestions you've been given, and then we meet via Skype to discuss:

  •  major points illustrated in those 10 pages

  •  questions you have

  •  ways to elevate character, plot, and sequencing to make your story shine.


We repeat this process until you reach FADE OUT and have a screenplay you have confidence in. While no coach can guarantee a sale, you'll be armed with the tools you need to have a more marketable script.



Ready to Start? 


An Interview With Tracee



I worked with Tracee on my crime-drama script, "Pink Coyote" and I'm very pleased with her script coaching service! Tracee is a sound professional who understands the film language and will without a doubt, help you bring your material to the next level! With a strong creative vision, she will give you options and help make your script sing off the page while making sure it's presented in the correct format. I look forward to working with Tracee on my future scripts.

Matthew R. Paden, screenwriter


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