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What is a WRITING coach?

A writing coach is a cheerleader,  with the experience to help you tell the best story possible. 


Coaching, unlike coverage or consultation, is an ongoing, in depth and intimate process that will change your life as a writer, no matter where you are at in your career.

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned pro, with your coach by your side, you will achieve your goals, improve your habits and your writing, and become the writer you always dreamed of being.

Whether you need help figuring out what to  write, how to write it, or how to write it better, your coach will be there to guide you toward success.


Coaching Options

Tracee works with both aspiring screenwriters and novelists to help them achieve their goals and offers several different coaching options depending.  Click on option for more details:

Ready/Set/Go!  - Designed for those that have an idea but don't know where to start.

Cheerleader - Stay motivated, focused, & make the right choices for your story & your career.

Breaking the Story 

Rewrite Feedback - Page by page feedback, 10 pages at a time.

Rewrite Support - Writing is rewriting but you need to rewrite right!

Now What? - Guidance and support in getting your script to market.



Includes line by line, detailed notes and feedback as well as a 45-60 minute coaching session every week.

Shorts and Feature Screenplays ~ $40 per week

1 hour TV specs ~ $50 per Act

1/2 hour TV Specs ~ $35 per Act



A one time readthrough with 1 page of notes that will include overall impressions, areas of weakness, and next-step suggestions.

Shorts and

Feature Screenplays ~ $100

1 hour TV specs ~ $50 

1/2 hour TV Specs ~ $35

Query Letter - $35 (inlcuded w/ weekly coaching)



A one time read through with detailed professional recommendation (Pass/Consider/Recommend) and grading on over 30 key points, synopsis, logline, and next-steps.

Feature Screenplays ~ $300




Ready to Start? 


An Interview With Tracee



I worked with Tracee on my crime-drama script, "Pink Coyote" and I'm very pleased with her script coaching service! Tracee is a sound professional who understands the film language and will without a doubt, help you bring your material to the next level! With a strong creative vision, she will give you options and help make your script sing off the page while making sure it's presented in the correct format. I look forward to working with Tracee on my future scripts.

Matthew R. Paden, screenwriter


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